Tuesday, March 14, 2017

NOW CASTING Parents, Step-Parents, and Divorcee's with kids for a new summer "fun in the sun" show.  

From the producer's behind Bravo Television's "Summer House" comes a new docu-series that will follow a group of parents who will take the opportunity to play while their kids are safely away...at summer camp.

Did you have kids young and are a devoted parent year round? Are you ready to hangup the soccer balls and tap shoes for the season and live out your ultimate summer with other adults?

Major Network TV show is seeking outgoing parents, step-parents and/or divorcee's who want to have the ultimate summer of fun... fun in the sun, boats, trips, beaches, etc...The parents will play while the kids are away (safely at summer camp)

Now casting  groups of parents who are friends, neighbors, go to the same country clubs, beach clubs, maybe a prominent family who's sisters, in-laws and-or cousins are all more fab than the next, the combinations are endless. 

**Your kids do NOT have to already go to summer camp to qualify.  First time campers are accepted.

Please have your referrals email us the following information to start the process Summerparents@wyldsidemedia.com:
1. Name and Age
2. City, State
3. Occupation
5. Husbands Name and occupation
6. Kids names and ages.
7. Your story-  who you are, who your married to, what is your life style like and why you are fabulous! 
8. Please include several pictures of you, your family and your home.