Thursday, June 15, 2017

NEW Network, Katy Perry, INSANE prizes!

We are searching NATIONWIDE for amazing SINGERS AND SINGER/SONGWRITERS to be part of a huge music project for a major television network!

We're looking for artists of ALL GENRES of music, ages 15-28 years-old for the opportunity of a lifetime!

*  Are you a singer or singer/songwriter looking for your big break?
*  OR maybe you want to nominate someone who has the most amazing voice?

Everyone knows someone who sings - and we want the most talented singers in the USA!

Now's your chance for this amazing once in a lifetime opportunity!

TO SUBMIT:Email ALL the information requested below to:
Be sure to include:1.  Name of music artist (first and last)
2.  Age
3.  Contact phone number
4.  City/State where you live
5.  What is your backstory - outside of being a singer.  Where/how did you grow up?  Any triumphs, tragedies, illness, quirky hobbies or collections, etc. -  what will make America connect to you?
6.  Please send LINKS to at least 2 songs (either covers and/or original songs) - for this audition, the video must be of you singing the song live (i.e., not fully produced with editing, autotune, etc.)
- you can sing along with either a produced track, acoustic accompaniment, or a cappella.  Please don't send video of you performing at a crowded gig with applause and other noise - we want to hear YOU.  Simple cell phone video of you singing in your home is perfect.  
**MUST be a LINK to online video (YouTube preferred) - Downloads CANNOT be accepted.


Tami Brandel
Casting Producer/Talent Guru
American Idol/ABC

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

NOW CASTING Parents, Step-Parents, and Divorcee's with kids for a new summer "fun in the sun" show.  

From the producer's behind Bravo Television's "Summer House" comes a new docu-series that will follow a group of parents who will take the opportunity to play while their kids are safely summer camp.

Did you have kids young and are a devoted parent year round? Are you ready to hangup the soccer balls and tap shoes for the season and live out your ultimate summer with other adults?

Major Network TV show is seeking outgoing parents, step-parents and/or divorcee's who want to have the ultimate summer of fun... fun in the sun, boats, trips, beaches, etc...The parents will play while the kids are away (safely at summer camp)

Now casting  groups of parents who are friends, neighbors, go to the same country clubs, beach clubs, maybe a prominent family who's sisters, in-laws and-or cousins are all more fab than the next, the combinations are endless. 

**Your kids do NOT have to already go to summer camp to qualify.  First time campers are accepted.

Please have your referrals email us the following information to start the process
1. Name and Age
2. City, State
3. Occupation
5. Husbands Name and occupation
6. Kids names and ages.
7. Your story-  who you are, who your married to, what is your life style like and why you are fabulous! 
8. Please include several pictures of you, your family and your home.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

PLEASE REFER!!! AMAZING SINGERS Ages 15 to 28 – Nationwide AMERICAN IDOL VIP invite only Auditions


AMAZING SINGERS Ages 15 to 28 – Nationwide

AMERICAN IDOL VIP invite only Auditions 


AMAZING SINGERS 15-28 yrs for 


I am booking amazing Singers for a once in a lifetime VIP invite-only audition for AMERICAN IDOL SEASON XV!

Do you have the voice of Christina and the moves like Jagger? does Beyoncé have nothing on you? Or maybe your a little bit Country like Carrie and a Lotta bit Rock N Roll!

These VIP showcase auditions are for ‘industry and personal referrals’ only, NOT for the general public!

I'm looking for all genres,15-28 yrs. Nationwide!

Email me the following to
1. Name, Age, City/State
2. Phone, Email (if minor- parents name, phone and email)
3. Several candid pictures
4. Your story! What makes you interesting, special, amazing!
5. Most important, I need you to send me a NON produced song…acapella or acoustic guitar or piano accompany only. 
DO NOT send me a download! 
**Please shoot a 90 sec video clip and upload it to youtube and send me the link OR record a vocal and send me a sound cloud or other vocal Link.

Monday, April 13, 2015


We are searching NATIONWIDE for FEUDING SISTERS to be featured on an all new television docu-series that will provide you the help you need to get your relationship back on track.

*  Are you and your sister on NON speaking Terms? 
*  Was there a major disagreement or event that broke up your relationship?
*  Were you once best friends but now hardly speaking? 
*  Are you looking for a way to mend the past and pick up where you left off?

A major award winning production company is looking for SISTERS who love each other... but are feuding and want help to repair their relationship.  This powerful new series explores the bond between siblings with the hopes of repairing your relationship.

If you're looking for a resolution - contact us NOW!

Please note that BOTH siblings need to participate in order to be considered.

email ALL the information requested below to:
Be sure to include:
1.  Your name (first and last)
2.  Contact phone number for each of you
3.  City/State where you each live
4.  Your story!  Describe your previous relationship, your current relationship, and why you're no longer on good terms.  What are you feuding over?!?
5.  Recent photo(s) of you both (jpg format please)

Thank you for your time!

The Sirens Media Casting Team!

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Little People in Real Estate, Builders, Construction Companies, Designers, etc. PLEASE REFER!

Searching Nationwide for Little People in Real Estate, Builders, Construction Companies, Designers, etc.

Looking to do a story/show on modified homes, homes built specifically for LP, etc...

Please email your contact info or referrals to

Please email your contact info or referrals to

Thursday, January 29, 2015